Boss: "it's not the same font"
Me: "yes, it is"
Boss: "don't argue with me. It's a different font"
Me: "ok it's a different font" (it's not)
Boss: "change it please"

15 minutes later and I've done nothing at all to it. Boss comes back.

Boss: "see? I knew it was a different font. This looks perfect now. Why were you lying to me before? I don't like you arguing with me"

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    @Letmecode payday is tomorrow so I let him off this time. Next time I'm reaching straight for the voicebox!
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    This... 😬
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    And you didn't have the balls to then say it is still the same font? Or just show him the font setting that proves which font is set...
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    I've had this happen at least twice.
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    Had a boss come back to me, happy about the micro changes I did to the layout. For a second I was confused and then I agreed to their wisdom.
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    Learned the hard way that you have to show your boss from day 1 that he can't push you around. Too late for you now. Find a new job :D :D :D
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    been there. done that.

    "I quit" is the way to deal with it in the long run.
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    Kyle, you are so bold.
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    Boss: Make the logo bigger!!!

    Me: No.

    Boss: Yes!

    Me: No.

    Boss: Yes!

    Boss walks away...

    Me: CTRL + to 110%

    Boss: That's much better!

    Boss leaves.

    Me: CTRL + 0
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    No problem.
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