Yesterday was the day.
The day I finally got asked for help on fixing a printer;

And finally telling in freaking polite German to fuck off, google the problem, never ask a programming nerd again for this shit - and to understand that printers are evil monsters

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    Yep, I miss good old days when you just cated text to lpt and it started printing, nowadays printers are pure evil!
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    But I fixed it. It was just ssh-ing to the raspi that plays printserver and a "cupsenable DCP135C", because that fucking CUPS just stopped the printer for whatever reason and never started it again.

    CUPS is such a cheap coward when it comes to failures on printing. It either stops the printer or just stalls the current printjob and does not start the next one.
    But sadly there is no alternative for linux based systems
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    Printers are EVIL MONSTERS... So much truth in this statement.
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