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    U wot?
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    Just a bit of time ago, I opened my printer, I connected it to my PC and a message on the screen popped up, saying "your print cartridges are counterfeit".
    Wtf, I bought them at a normal, very well known italian technology store.
    Turns out, they were just dried out, so I had to rub the part where ink comes out (I don't know what's it called, forgive me 😅) and all was good.

    The best part of this was that, when the message popped up, it also said "discover the advantages of buying *original* HP cartridges", with a button underneath it saying "HP Rewards".
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    Hm. Actually, I might post this as a rant xD
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    @Gaetano96 Filthy criminal scum.
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    Xerox printers are really annoying. I have to make apps for it and the layout keeps messing up and it has the same code as the screens that don't mess up
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    I fucking hate printers !!
    Never have anyone, made a good printer, that just works ..
    The road to hell is paved with printers
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    @Gaetano96 cartridges, they are called cartridges.
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    No matter how new your printer is, it won't work when you need to quickly print something in ten minutes.
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    @Frio Yeah but I mean the hole where ink comes out

    (...why am I thinking lewd stuff? u.u")
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    Yup, my friend needed me to print something for him. I spent 30 minutes instead of 2 minutes doing that, because my printer is faking stupid. At least I know there is a command on Linux to empty printing queue :D (but as always, I forgot what it was)
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