When an "entrepreneur" tells you about his "fantastic" ideas and expects you to be all excited and wanting to develop it for him.


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    If he pays well...
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    the worst part is when you get to hear "You don't see the big picture" in a condescending tone..
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    There's this guy that says he is full of ideas and wants me to join him, and I'm like "I dont't know man". Wish he could just forget about me
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    but its like Uber but not Uber, closer to Facebook but same concept as Twitter, it will be the next Microsoft bro, please help me build it
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    Been there before...guy head-hunts me from college. Says he thinks six digits is fair, wants to fly me around the country to wrangle investors. I think he actually wanted me to drop out of college, because when I said I wanted to finish my degree, I never heard back. Guess he wanted someone else to work on his golden calf. 👌
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    Two months upfront payment.
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