This happened a month or so ago. I wanted a tablet for more easy/portable server management (JuiceSSH) so I went to a second hand tech store (a good/reliable one) and this guy asked me right away what I was looking for.

"a tablet!"

I pointed at a specific one and he grabbed it and walked me to the cash desk to take a look at it.

"what do you want to use it for?"
"server management mostly"

Then this other guy behind the desk looked at me with this view in his eyes like:

"fucking try-hard"

The employee helping me also looked strangeish at me


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    Oh by the way, I bought the Xiaomi Mi Pad :)
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    JuiceSSH is nice (:
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    To be fair, that is not the primary use case for tablets, but it's a cool idea :p
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    @FMashiro I use it daily for server management :)

    ......also for playing minesweeper...
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    @irene I don't think so.... 😅
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    @FMashiro Portable SSH terminal with semi-decent keyboard? Sounds nice to mee
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    @Root I agree, it absolutely does sound nice.

    But for the non devs or sysadmins out there I can understand their questions.
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    @FMashiro definitely.
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    Imagine my friends / colleagues when I tell that my server is my old phone...
    Because of comments like that I fix phones all day...
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    @irene xiaomi mi A1 is Android one, no miui, wich is very good.
    With 4 GB of ram I just can't top it
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    I use jucse note 8 in note 8. It's awesome
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    @RodrigoF Second that. It's like the continuation of Google's Nexus line.
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    I'm using Termius btw
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    @Highwind Bah, like Samsung, to expensive. I payed 250€ for mine and the closest was a Huawei for 400€.
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    @RodrigoF I'm not sure i follow. I'm saying that the Mi A1 is awesome like the Nexus was.
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    @Charon92 Quite good if you ask me!
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    @Charon92 I'm talking about a tablet here, not a phone 😅
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    @AlexDeLarge Me too. I'm using connectBot though - might have a look at JuiceSSH
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    Well something I'm pissed at android... With android 4 (+-150mb of ram used) I can run Linux, Webservers, ftp servers and stuff like that...
    With android 8 I can't run Linux and none of my servers will start...
    Without such problems a tablet could easily replace a laptop to do some code on the go.
    It can still do... But still limits stuff.
    And I was learning Linux terminal commands on my free time...
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    @RodrigoF Maybe Plasma mobile will solve that at some point...
    It's basically Linux for mobile devices with support for Android apps. But it's not quite finished yet.
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