Not a vary technical question but I wanna ask:
What do you do to avoid backache and neckache after a few hours of coding ?

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    Stand up. Walk around. Stretch.
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    I'm using http://www.dejal.com/timeout/ which reminds you to standup and stretch regularly.

    Also, try walking for lunch

    That talk looks quite ok https://caktusgroup.com/talks/...
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    @helloworld good one, Chair is important too
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    I have a back injury and I use a standing desk, but I suggest everybody to use one :) it's amazing
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    You need to adjust the height of your chair and monitor. Your knees and arms should be in a 90° angle, and your head straight. My main problem after too many hours of work is the wrist pain, due to repetitive strain injury. Take care of yourself.
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    I know the feels man. I’ve got two cyst INSIDE my spinal cord due to Arnold Chiari malformation. A standing desk sometimes helps me or a heating pad. Honestly, my pain meds are the only thing that have helped but if you can avoid pain medication, I’d do so.
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    Listen for the pain creeping up behind you.
    Catch it in the act.
    Yell at it before it latches on.
    Threaten its mother.
    Scare it away.

    Then get back to slouching happily.
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    @BindView srsly dafuq?
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