Was just asked why a react project keeps on throwing CI error that path not found, saw the OS was windows and my reply was:

I don't dare using Nodejs/React on Windows, on *nix machine or that thing will keep on messing up

I hope I was right in my response :S

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    You should use node's path module to prevent cross-os issues with paths (I'm assuming this was a server error).
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    @shellbug I'm assuming yes it was node path issue but shouldn't nodejs handle path when installed?
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    @gitpush were you accessing files by concatenating strings with '/'?
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    @shellbug I honestly don't know, it's a project I'm not part of, but two colleagues on windows are facing this issue and using PHP storm from jetbrains, while another one on macOS using vs code is not having this issue at all
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    @gitpush have they tried using vs code on windows as well? Just to make sure the problem is windows and not the ide.
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    @shellbug I'll suggest that but to be honest I don't really care I'm overloaded with tasks and have no time to trouble shoot for other devs :S
    I'll send them on slack and tell them to check
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