Me: "I've got an exam tomorrow morning, I should try to go to sleep early tonight".

22:00 - Get into bed and put on audiobook
23:00 - "Alright I'm getting sleepy now, I should fall asleep soon :)"
00:00 - "Must be soon now"
01:00 - "Maybe in 15 minutes"
02:00 - "Still got 6 hours to sleep, plenty of time"
03:00 - "My body is tired, my mind is not"
04:00 - "RIP"

It's safe to say that my sleep rhythm is utterly fucked.

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    I'm not an expert, but doesn't audiobook get you focused? To fall asleep you should be relaxed/bored I think.
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    @blem14 My mind gets really active when I'm in bed, so when I can focus on someone telling me a story instead of focussing on my own thoughts, it helps to get me to sleep (most of the times).
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    @icadi most of the times I'm falling asleep in few minutes when watching Twitch. If you find someone with soft voice that plays something slow-paced and does not scream every sub/follow... You can also watch VOD while they are offline - once I used one VOD for 2 weeks, cause I was loosing conciuosness after 10 min but wanted to watch whole thing.
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    @blem14 Sounds nice, thanks for the tip! But I'm afraid watching something does not make me tired at all :)
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    @icadi it depends. Also sometimes I am not really watching, turning "Audio only" on phone or turning off laptop screen and just listening. Most of the time they talk nonsense, monologue or speak to chat, that makes it "white noise". Speaking of which, have you tried such thing?
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    @blem14 Putting on the sound of whitenoise?
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    @icadi yes, never needed that, but it is common. It relaxes people, because it reminds us the time we spent in womb. There is even a thing for babies - Whisbear - works like charm not only for them, I by myself fallen asleep while putting my niece to sleep.
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    @blem14 I will check it out, thanks!
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    I have been told that when you read from a paper book, it will tire your eyes which makes you fall asleep sooner.
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    I bought a thing call dodow. You tap on it, it light the ceiling and you put your breath on it. Real nice, maybe give it a try
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    Well for me it‘s more like:


    Lucky my exam is still two days from now.
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    @LuPaw Hahaha, good luck!
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    @icadi ASMR helps most of my friends sleep, might try that?

    (I drink coffee and sleep, so you could try that, too).
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    @QueenMorgana gonna check it out, thanks!
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