do you ever get that feeling when you suddenly wake up from sleep and immediately have the solution that has been bothering you for weeks or is it just me?

it happened to me today. woke up and magically had a solution to a problem I had with unity (it works now).

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    All the time. Then it slips my mind as I roll out of bed, sadly...
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    The only feeling I get when I wake up is similar to how I'd imagine being hit by a truck feels. ☚ī¸

    All the good thoughts happen later (usually in the shower)
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    Yeah man... Happens all the time... All thanks to subconscious mind
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    I think all of us have. It usually goes like: you try to solve something after 3pm, spend the whole afternoon doing it. Then you go home. You get a good sleep. In the morning, already knowing the solution you solve it in 20 minutes.
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    Bathroom breaks have the same effect for me
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