I feel like I know what I shouldn't know. I know a little about using jQ and JS (mainly little plugins) but I can't code js from scratch.

I use vanilla html and css and my environment is notepad++.

I feel like I should know SASS, Pug and use Webstorms or some other professional IDE. And learn js.

Which preprocessors do you prefer? Which IDEs and which point to start learning js from scratch?

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    Regarding preprocessors, if youre on windows, I found "koala-app" to be amazing, I use it with scss.
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    Jetbrains IDEs are from my experience the best, paid though (but I think there is webstorm, for CSS, js, HTML only which is free. And if you have a student email address, you can get a license for all of jetbrains' IDEs for free.

    If you want to build a web application, its probably a good idea to learn something like vue js or react. Plain js is only good if you either have a lot of time or don't want a "bloated" (see npm) solution. But it's a lot more work.
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    And then there's this which is a point for creating everything from scratch in plain js: https://hackernoon.com/im-harvestin... 😂😂
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    I like to use LESS because i find the syntaks nicer. And it's nodejs based, which you are sure to encounter at some point.

    Also, you should check out the site "youmightnotneedjquery". It translate a lot of the jquery functions to normal JS, and it's a surprisingly good reference

    @JoshBent i can second koala. Absolutely love it. It also works well on Linux, but need a small fix on install
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    Every IDE is okay. Its only a tool personally I use sublime.
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    Times change, time to modernize to stay in the game.
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