Why do I find really hard to connect with my coworkers?! I'm an introvert but after few months in my old job I connected with everyone. In my new job I find it really hard! And it's almost a year! 😥😫

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    I feel for ya buddy. It can make the job harder when you can't have conversations with the people you spend most of your day with. You should take the initiative and try to improve the social environment regardless of your self-proclaimed introvert status. It's how you improve as a person. Don't wait for change, make the change. If it doesn't work out , then at least you tried and you'll still have devRant. Good luck.
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    @Collie May I don't put myself out there much. I think I should, as you said at least I tried! Thanks a lot man!
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    I am not a people person either but as your career progresses the "people part" becomes more important. You don't have to be best buds but try some small talk.
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    My way would be try to make a connection with someone whom you think your personality can handle being around them, then build from there
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    @tsehla that's what I did my last job and it worked! But I can't seems to find anyone 😔
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