UX-wise, it should be absolutely forbidden to alter anything that is being overlapped by the cursor.

One example is the (mostly) terrible search in Windows 10. I have a tendency to use the keywords "fire" for either Firefox or Firefox Developer Edition. Sometimes, Windows will give me Developer Edition as the top result, which is fine. But as I I'm about to click the icon, Windows will find the other Firefox and place it as the top result.

This is known as terrible UX. The user interface is working against the end-user.

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    What is happening there is the search is still running as you browse the results so once it finds result's it is reordering based on your search term and it's relavence.
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    @nblackburn yeah, but the reordering is crap, they could just add them to the items already found.. :/
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    @sladuled but Firefox is a closer match than developer edition so of course it ranks higher.

    It's just an undesired side effect of what would be expected unfortunately.
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    @nblackburn I don't really agree with it being a side effect. It should never happen, simple as that.

    It happens in browsers as well. An image will suddenly pop over my mouse cursor when I was highlighting a link for example. It shouldn't happen and it doesn't make sense.
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    @theuser Of course it's a side effect, it's doing what is expected which is ordering based on importance but because it's asynchronous then it's done progressively rather than delaying the user.

    I agree it's not ideal but it absolutely is a side effect.

    Your second example is totally different and absolutely avoidable.
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    @nblackburn If my cursor is hovering over Developer Edition, then surely that's the most important option. That makes sense to me.
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    @theuser Hovering over something doesn't necessarily imply intent, I think we just agree to disagree here as there is no right answer.
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    @nblackburn Maybe we can agree that Windows 10 search is pretty bad? I mean if i type in "rant" or "Rant", it doesn't return "devRantron".
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    @theuser Oh for sure, i can get behind that, it's a pile of toss.
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