Sooooooo Boringgg!!!

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    Selling merch like a god church
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    Inspired by team fortress
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    @Lahsen2016 You are probably the only person who has a completely different perception about Elon's projects,please can you elaborate that why do you think his projects are shitty I really want to know that 🙌🙌
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    I really like Elon's enthusiasm but I really doubt hyperloop goes beyond being the hype train that it is now, I don't know about his tunneling endeavor tho.
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    Also I always keep thinking that why are his projects open source? is this some kind of business tactics?
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    @Lahsen2016 if I were in Musks shoes I think I might've done the same thing. There's a lot of money going to the wrong places in my opinion. If I had more money than I could ever spend I'd put a bunch of it in weird research projects that are interesting to me. His investments are all about logistics and very far fetched but they may lead to breakthroughs in other ways than you'd expect. Sure with the boring company you cannot just go around boring tunnels everywhere, I don't think he doesn't know that, but he gets the news and attracts other investors even BECAUSE it's so far fetched. Maybe in a year or 5 they'll have discovered some ingenious way to make tunnels and if you need a tunnel you call the boring company.
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