I had my first ever dev interview yesterday, at a local cybersec startup(FullStack Python position)

I think it went smooth, they said if we continue the process they would give me a small dev task to complete to prove my abilities, and asked how much time of notice to give my current employers before leaving.

I can't wait to leave 4 years of sysadmin and finally move on to be a (professional) developer! 🤞

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    Someone has to be this guy. Have little trust of those who will ask you to do something for free to "prove" you can do it. Don't let them dick you. Make sure the person asking you to do a "small task" isn't going to leave you high and dry after taking your free work. I hope it goes well! Congrats!
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    Update: they declined me.

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    @Chlodovechus sorry to hear that man. There's always next time!
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