I never had this happen using TFS...

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    TFS = Team Foundation Server. It's Microsoft's suite for issue/task tracking, version control, etc. It now supports using git instead of TFVC, because git is awesome, but that's new since the last time I used TFS.
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    Also, turned out the culprit here was that I copypasta'd a bad command from SmartGit (on Unices, it copies valid paste-able bash commands, but on Windows it copies

    C:\Dev\folder> git.exe rebase --interactive f8fe98481e216729c55458ad8ea4f6845451a0b4

    which tells Windows to read a file that doesn't exist and write its contents to a file called git.exe. Which then gets executed when you try to "git status"
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    @FrodoSwaggins, correct. I never had, and will likely continue to not have, this problem with TFS.
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    Indeed. Perhaps one day our whole app will run on .NET Core, but not yet.
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