Ok I have been incredibly offended. So a classmate asked if I wanted to be a computer repairman when I grew up I yelled hell no and shes like but what will you do then with that useless knowledge? I just looked at her. But wait, there's more. My teacher took me to the principal for having my terminal open in linux. I then got yelled at for "hacking" and it took me forever to try and explain I wasn't but they didnt believe me. So I got yelled at for half an hour before school ended.

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    @SoulSkrix Well most of my teachers are chill but the one that yelled at me is pretty out of touch with tech
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    When I was a kid, I was scolded too for opening up the terminal. I had first come across the blinkenlights.nl server where when you telnet into it, it shows you Star Wars in ASCII. Just then, this guy who was sitting behind me stood up, pointed at me and said "Teacher, he's making a virus.".

    She was like "Aah, I saw you messing around with the command prompt." and ..

    I got punished. I had to kneel outside the computer lab.

    (I don't live in the states, and this was around 2005)
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