It's so stupid, I'm currently attending a Operating Systems course at university and the professor NEEDS us to buy his book because all of the tasks and seminars are based on his book. It is stupid! There are thousands of books out there on Operating Systems programming! Free ones too! But instead we have to spend 800SEK (100USD) on his book.

And guess what? There is literally one task based on his book... To summarize the chapters about Fixed Priority scheduling and Dynamic Priority scheduling. Which is 15 pages out of 200+.

All the students attending the course are going to the director of studies and complaining next week. This is unacceptable. If it was a good book, sure. But the book has the same exact information as multiple free e-books we've found.


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    Just $100? Psssht. Try $350 for ONE BOOK.. Last semester my textbook totaled $960.
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    Haven't you considered making copies of the 15 pages?

    We used to borrow books from faculties for a day or during breaks and made copies of it.
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    @github Team work. Buy 5 copies as a class and share them.
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    @jhh2450 that is just insane... we usually get free PDF files of the books needed for the course. I once went an entire year of not buying course literature - that was some good days.
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    @Deniii Jesus Christ if I didn't have to buy books that'd be nice.

    I have to pay even for PDF/eBooks. And they're still expensive as fuck.
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    @github yeah, we thought about this. And some of the students probably did this. But my university listen to the students really well, so we want this to get fixed for the next students who attend the course.
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    @jhh2450 Yeah, usually the reason why we get free material is because the software world is constantly changing, so why buy books when you can get updated PDFs directly from the web and the professors/researchers at the university.

    However, a friend of my is studying Industrial Economics, and he has it very difficult to pay off all the books he has to get every term..
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    @Deniii it's not mandatory right to buy this book? What most can happen is you will get less score for that topic or may be turn out getting the same.
    Isn't it just the professors suggestion since he liked the book?
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    @github It is mandatory to do the task, which requires his book.
    If you don't do the task and pass it, then you do not get credit for the entire course. Which means you have to retake it next year to get full credit, which is needed for the degree...
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    @Deniii then, no one is actually making it mandatory to buy it. You can just look for an ebook or make a copy.

    What sort of resolution you expect from the college?
    Professors will use their set of books and maybe some of them are good and they give tasks from them. You don't need to buy it. I have known professors who uses various books for every other chapter. No one buys all those books.

    Or you can ask your college to maje all those books available at library in good quantity.
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    @github There is no Ebook available sadly (and there is none getting released either). And copying it is not permitted.

    In my country it is often frowned upon having only one book available (if it is your own book) as course litterature. Now, the reason we do not like this course in particular, is because the book has to be used for the task, and that task only. The professor essentially gets 100 USD in his pocket for 15 pages only. Not acceptable. There's been multiple courses where this has been an issue, and every time the course has been modified and gotten better. This course will get better next year too, guaranteed.
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    lol this is so ridiculously common here.

    Textbooks are hundreds of dollars each -- like $250 for a 200 page book -- and are often written by the professors themselves. Who, of course, get a good percentage of the sales. And they change the textbooks every year, because duh. Course costs hundreds of dollars, textbook costs 30-70% of the course cost, and the entire thing is fucking worthless because you don't learn a damned thing. This is one of the many reasons I gave up on college.

    But yeah. This practice is so common here that complaints don't do anything.
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    lol, why?
    Money ;) obviously his science career didn't go as expected and guy wants more money ;)
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    I never bought any textbook at uni. Well maybe one or two but because I was interested, and from amazon.. And pre-owned. There's library if I really need some book that can't be found online.
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    That's almost half your CSN, dang
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