I go to college online and I'll admit I'm a little annoyed that my Web Dev professor makes us code using notepad and doesn't allow IDE's. I get the point but it's obnoxious, this isn't 2003.

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    Perhaps they want to teach you about all the bugs in notepad. :-)
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    I learnt in notepad. It teaches you to work out what is actually wrong with your code rather then an IDE just giving you a fix and you not understanding the actual problem.

    But I guess the world has moved on and everything should be simple 🤷‍♂️
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    Notepad is good for understanding your mistakes. Later when you will be working on your project you will be able to find bugs fairly easily.
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    You can ask for an upgrade. Install Notepad++.
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    I’d just use Vim
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    For my university exam on ,web development
    I had to write ,one flask (python file),two html files,two JS files.
    In paper and show it to the prof then write in gedit!
    Writing HTML was pain😔
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    @lunorian possibly not but we submit the files in a zip folder. I suppose I could code it elsewhere but I would have to copy everything to a notepad file still and then make sure it all works properly still.
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    @Nawap fuck that lol
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    Use sublime. Go to distraction free mode or hide sidebars and stuffs. Use notepad theme and black on white color scheme.
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    @lunorian By searching for CRLF line endings will give him a hint :D
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    +1 on sublime. You still have to use your brain but you get all the niceties like multiple cursors and quick find and regex search and replace
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    A colleague of mine uses notepad++ through wine on xubuntu.
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    @mzeffect such effort much wow 😮
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    @crayator he never said text editor *becomes black and points to head*
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    @Nawap seriously? You wrote HTML on paper ? You are a brave man/women. **trying not to be sexist 😂**
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