As my friend @AlexDeLarge found my last rant less detailed and idiotic so I deleted that rant and am writing this new rant giving all the possible details.

I am currently doing my graduation in computer science(in 3rd year). I love to code problems and have an experience of working in various languages like c, c++, java, javascript, html, css, python, swift. When I came into this field, I had a dream of becoming an iOS developer but now seeing all those streams out there(android, machine learning and etc etc), I am really confused. I know that I want to do programming but choosing a career is getting on my nerves and taking the hell outta me. So if anyone of you following devRanters could guide me and help me on this point, I would be highly grateful.

P.S- please don't judge me cause i know i am not good at expressing myself.

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    ML is definitely the next big thing y thing but waaay different from regular programming.
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    @1989 I guess then you can be my timon😅. And yes i got your point but i have some queries regarding iOS too, so neeed help🤞
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    I am going through the same thing. So I am trying different things.
    First, I did freeCodeCamp to check out web development.
    Then I did CS50 to have a broad idea about the fields of CS.
    Then I did a Python course. Python is love.
    Currently, I am doing a course on Full Stack Development that uses MERN stack.
    And later, I am planning to go deep into Python - Backend development or Data Science (includes AI and ML) or Algorithms or else. See, I am not sure either.

    So yeah, it totally depends on your interest. And developing interest in one field can only be achieved by exploring all.

    I know it gets frustrating, don't lose hope. You WILL find a way :)

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    > https://www.freecodecamp.org/

    > You can check out guides by P1xt. They are real gems. https://github.com/P1xt/p1xt-guides

    I am following the job-ready-python-edition one.
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    @qwert If you wrote cunt instead of dick, someone would pop up and accuse you of sexism against women. So nice choice of words there.
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    I am, also, in this situation, but for now I'm studying all I can and taking the first opportunity that appears, turns out two opportunities appeared for me in web dev, I'm happy with it for now haha.

    let me add one more choice that interest me too. hopefully you'll like it to: game dev is an awfully interesting field, if you haven't you should, definitely check it out.
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    That is so sweet. You actually inspired me and all the frustration I had till yesterday has now become my motivation all because of you and my timba(@1989). So now I know that I have to first finish my iOS course and then explore new things(I think I will do machine learning after that). Knowing that I am not the only one stuck, I am all prepared to face the challenges.

    And yes, I saw the guides by P1xt, they are great. I will surely refer them.
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    @vhoyer I am so glad to know about your web dev opportunities. I hope I also get one in the near future.🤞
    And, one more field added to my list to explore. Thank you 🤗
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