I've been laughed at a lot for thinking this way, but I'm honestly frustrated by how little information exists on the web for people who want to take Operating System development a step further. I mean, the OSDev Community is amazing and offers pretty, much everything one needs to know at the system level. But my issue is: What if someone didn't want to use existing compilers and assemblers like GCC and NASM, and do everything from total scratch? I mean, the original Unix came from somewhere, right? I know you're going to think "Why not? It works.". Well, I just think it's crazy how few people (such as Linus and the GNU foundation) are out there that have the ability to create such things without help from existing software tools. Sure, it could take me decades of careful practice and experience, but my passion is for creating software at this level and becoming one of those people is very strong. I just wish I knew where to begin and who to learn from.

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    What a coincidence. I just closed my browser and opened devRant and this is what i was reading in my browser https://stackoverflow.com/questions...
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    A decent way to learn would probably be to try and dissect some existing compiler/OS code and go from there. A really solid understanding of low level hardware architecture would be essential too.
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    @NOOB4LIFE That wasn't me but I'm certain there are people out there like me. Like any computer component, it takes people and resources to make, but it shouldn't have to be in vain though. I'm certain that with enough DEDICATED people like I hope to become, something can be made (even propriety software, but I hear that is a bit of a bad word around here :p). It just takes a powerful initiative and a lot of good people.
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    Richard Stallman left. They are other better ways to commit suicide.
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