I really want to make my own anonymous blog, but I am scared that someone will expose me after I write there something recognisable. 😒

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    Your blog would have to be extraordinarily popular for someone you know to find it and then piece together your identity from its content.

    That’s a problem most bloggers would love to have.
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    don't be afraid, just do it. give a fuck on people, that could read your blog and know you personally and might to screw you. make things, what you love to do. Don't stop of anxiety. Show your skills. There are the ones, who like your shit and the ones who doesn't like your shit, that's it.
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    Protect your info from whois, try to avoid real life situations, and don't put your name on it. You should go for it!
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    @theNSA but then he would only hide.. thats not good for assertiveness
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    It's virtually impossible to say anything these days without upsetting someone.

    It's also virtually impossible to hide yourself too..

    I'm reminded about a time I bumped into someone at a demo, who was wearing a mask.

    "Hello John!" I said..

    "How do you know my name !!" he replied..

    "Well, you are wearing the same jeans, and top you wore 3 years ago when I saw your picture online in a group, when you didn't have your mask on..
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    @jakobev To be anonymous you kind of have to hide a little, right?
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    @DeveloperACE Whois privacy for the domain, ip address/server not linked to you, good enough if you ask me.
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    And yeah I've got a blog which isn't tied to me really :)
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    @theNSA oops i read that over, then its clear.
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    Fun story for ya (and those who say it's pretty hard to trace you unless you're famous):

    Many months ago, the admin of my mining pool sent a picture with the view from his office (an average skyscraper).

    Out of boredom, I decided to try to find which building it was taken from. All I knew was the city it was taken in. 5 minutes later, I had the answer.

    He then challenged me to figure out what floor it was taken from.
    30 minutes, some pixel counting, and some napkin math later, I correctly guessed the floor it was taken from (as well as the height from the ground :o).

    I didn't want to go any further, but I could have easily tried to figure out the company he works for, and - knowing his position - probably his personal info too.

    Lesson: be careful with what you share online, and try to think of how it could be traced back to you.
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    Create a whole new different identify.
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    @endor wow! Could you explain a bit more detailed how you have figured out which floor it was? I think this whole thing is pretty cool!
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    @lucaIO it's more fun when you figure it out! :P
    There's actually multiple ways, depending on the info you have available and what you can actually see in the picture.
    In my case I had very little, so I had to do some eyeballing and some careful educated guesses, but you can still get an answer within a good margin of error
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    have you seen, "risky business"? sometimes you just gotta say...what the fuck
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    > sent a picture with the view from
    > his office

    These days, folk often forget to strip out their GPS data:


    Which is one reason folk say on dating sites, "Oh could you email me your picture.."

    I like to set pictures with GPS coordinates to be the location of some intelligence agency. :-)

    I remember once watching a TV show and spotting that it was filmed in a flat I used to live in, as I recognised the view from the window !

    Sometimes a good memory is fun like that, other times, its a guaranteed way to piss off your partner when they said you said so and so, when you didn't !

    Also seems to annoy them even more if you have happened to audio record said conversation and can let them hear proof what you said !

    Course nowadays, that no doubt could include CCTV footage !

    "No you didn't take the garbage out last Christmas, I've proof!"
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    @Nanos I had already checked, apparently chatango strips all exif data. That was actually my first thought 🤣
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    I notice many do strip that data now, but they didn't used to. :-)

    Then there are folk with blogs and pictures on, with their GPS data intact..

    I wonder what happens to all the stripped data. :-)

    I have a vision of a large bin someplace filled with GPS data..
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    @Nanos ooooh, kinky!
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