Hey you,
yeah, YOU.
Listen here: Don't EVER lend a book to a friend. Why? Just got back a book I lent to a friend, was in perfect condition. Got it back SOAKED in coffee and as CRUSTY as a KEYBOARD used by someone who EATS CHEETOS without washing their HANDS.

It twas a good and useful book on Linux commands... most valiant in my early days of exploration. R.I.P. my good friend.

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    I borrowed a music book for a roommate when I was delivering pizza. I was never able to return it, and it haunts me to this very day
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    > R.I.P. my good friend.

    We are talking about the book right.. :-)
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    @Nanos hheheehe.... Maybe
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    *puts down bag of cheetos* 😶
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    @nothotdog can I have that?
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    Moral of the story?

    Shit is temporary.
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    Not sure how old you are or how mch prior experience with lending sruf..but, never ever lend someone something that you are not willing to part with. Even best friends and carefull people might damage it, so if you lend something, keep in mind that it might never find a way back to you..
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    My VHS porn ... Still hurts to this day. That was good porn. Pornhub sit down!!
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    I lent my sister my DVD of the first series of Black Books and it came back years later, scratched to hell. I can only think she must have used it as a drinks coaster, it was that bad.
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    Ask him or her to replace the book with a new one. This should be the usual way to go. I Don't see any problem here. If they destroy it, they have to replace it. Period.
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    Well atleast he used the book and learned something out of it.
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    @debuggingDuck don't be spooked by this! :-P
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    @MojoJojo I won't mind it in the condition.
    At least it'll look like it's been used when sitting on my desk :P
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