"I hate C# and Java because compiling takes forever. That's why I use JavaScript."

npm install && gulp

...9 years later...

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    Never understood when people say compilation takes long tbh, a fairly big app takes around 3 seconds on my old i3 something.
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    @BindView you clearly haven't worked on a big Java project. Man those fuckers take foreeeever
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    @qlasico yes i clearly have never worked on a big java project 100% sure good nice
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    @BindView haha no reason to get salty
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    @jschmold I agree with you that i7s rock, my beefy machine is an i7. But no CPU can fix stupid. When you inherit a Node project that uses 77 modules for basically a shopping cart web app your problem isn't a hardware problem.

    It's a stupid people problem.
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    C or java compiling is really longer vs webpack for js? Stop telling b*** regarding big java projects split to smaller apis will compile fast it is not programming language issue it is how devs creates project..
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    Good thing you found devRant.
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    use Golang. Instant compile time!
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    Why would you not use such a beautiful language as C# just because compiling "takes long"? Doesn't make sense to me
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    Who cares about long compile times? Just writing the damn JS code takes forever...
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    There are a lot of frameworks trying to make things "easy".

    Simple is good. Simple is lack of complexity, things that are understandable, readable, clear, concise, uncluttered, non-interwoven, straightforward. Don't write complex code, complexity should always be unfolded into its most simple form.

    But easy is not a synonym of simple. Easy is the opposite of difficult, it's comfortable, it's constantly flirting with lazy. Easy is vulnerable, callow, credulous, exploitable, promiscuous, and often outright fat and filthy.

    Be wary of things that promise to be "Fast, Sexy and Easy". It's a good way to get itchy genitals.

    Write carefully crafted code, aim to arrive at lovely elegance and intrinsic beauty, even if it requires painstaking effort.
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    I used C++ before i learned c# and java. "long compile times" seem to have a different meaning for me.
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    Said no one ever
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    yarn is faster than npm
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