I want to know what brings you Joy while programming/coding?

I've been trying to catch that certain feeling...

For me it's having everything make sense and a logical flow through the code and it works every if it is adding two vars.

And please definitely not the money if you're coding for money then you're not enjoying it.

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    That zen feeling. Or in the zone moment.

    I like it.
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    Well this is specific for Android, but what inspires me is that what I make can reach a consumer device. Someone can use the app I made.
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    We can literally make a dumb hardware into a smart machine by code.
    P.S if there is any superpower in this world then that is CODING
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    I believe getting to create things you like and getting to learn new stuff almost every day is a good point
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    I love expressive languages and the feeling I get after writing a very elegant one liner or when I transformed an algorithm in my brain into very sleek and elegant code 😍
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    Removing code! :) :)
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    When ive been looking for a bug for a good while, then find and fix it, and after that everything just goes smoothly. Until the next bug.. infinite loops ftw
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    While I'm enjoying the money, by far most satisfying to me is the feeling when you programmed or coded something, that it does what it should do perfectly, which is still kind of a magical feeling to me eventhough I wrote the fucking thing.
    And what also is great about this job is that by far most people (in general) could never do my work nor replace me.
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    The main thing that brings me joy is when my code compiles without errors on the first attempt. 👍
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    The feeling of bliss when you write a program to complete all the business homework you have been piling up for a week and also coming up with ideas where i can use my skills to make my daily life easier( I am an A level student who has both business and computer science)
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    As a student, what draws me to codingvis the just how much I can do with it, and how EVERYTHING makes sense.
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    Creating things from scratch, and I remember when I was a kid, amazed by the fact that videos games was made by lines of code.
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    Literally just coding something, saving the file, refreshing and leaning back on my chair and just staring at a masterpiece
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    I don't know any Joy.
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