Debugging JS,

*uses chrome devtools*, breakpoints work, everything loads, can work on fixing bug

*uses firefox devtools*, takes more time than IE to show up, the UI doesn't show up, can cry in the corner.

Why is firefox debugger so bad :/

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    While I rarely have problem with firefox debugger it could be due to the move to their quantum platform.

    Its a major upgrade from single threaded to multithreaded browser so I would not be surprised if a few bugs show up.

    And I am sure they will get those fixed.
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    Huh. I was doing some work yesterday and Firefox devtools were faster than chrome.... Weird world we live in
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    @teganburns thanks for the welcome :) and personally, firefox > chrome but god that debugger.
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    I'm a ff fan boy, but yes. Chrome is superior when it comes to debugging.
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    Are you guys using Firefox Developer Edition?
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    @usernotfound woah, just came across this. will def. try this out. thanks :+1:
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