First exposure to computer?

Back in 2005, I think. Windows PC, I think. The rest is very blur.

All I can remember is it was white and monitor was big like a television. First ever computer of our family. No internet. No game except solatire and craps. Mainly just used it for porn-purpose. Did some programming assignments. Did some poems writing and then printed them out with all-in-1 printer and tried to sell the booklet to girls in public. (Obviously sold zero).

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    Totoally not related to my rant but

    @tahnik @dacexi 😬 I found new devrantron's read notification color scheme a bit weird. Felt like those grayscale users are died by my clicking 😨 I guess I will try to play around with the color setting 😋

    @BlueNutterfly 🙃 I am very glad to see the dozen++ from you. I am very glad to know that you can use your tech tools and have access to internet 🤗
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