Dark theme or Light theme??

Some ranters here become fanatics about dark theme. and this subject turned out from a personal choice to a standard, and people start calling light theme "garbage", "crap" etc...

First of all, for the grand range of people the light theme is healthier and more clear, some researches were made on this topic and found that ark characters on a light background are superior to light characters on a dark background (when the refresh rate is fairly high). Also, with a bright display (white background) the iris closes a bit more, decreasing the effect of the "deformed" lens; with a dark display (black background) the iris opens to receive more light and the deformation of the lens creates a much fuzzier focus at the eye.

Like I said, it's a personal choice, so stop being lame and pretend that dark theme is the slogan of developers. Don't get it wrong, I use dark theme for some IDEs too, but I will never ever call people using white theme with some lame words..

And finally, grow up, it is not about the theme, it is about the quality of what you deliver

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    With dark color themes it's simply more comfortable to look at, of course the font colors need to be set accordingly so they're not too bright in contrast.

    I don't mind light themes now and then but with dark themes you can also just get a far larger range of nice background colors. With light themes the background color choice is mostly between white and ugly.

    And in terms of "healthier and more clear": As long as I don't know the details(e.g. what colors were tested exactly) there's not much I can say about that. In the end I didn't notice any difference in text clarity, so it's probably not that significant.
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    I planned the same rant so totally agree. Normally I use what I'd like to use. Light theme is a must when presenting code on a beamer 😂 but I really dislike people who take full side for a theme or os, editor or something else and don't think rationally about this and can't deliver more arguments than feeling 1337HaxX0r on dark theme.
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    I like to insult light theme (my 2nd rant I think), but it’s more a joke, I accept different opinions and I do not consider a lighthemophobist and themecist
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