I wasn't the brightest when I started with computers...
I had one in my room for homework and such (an old one that mom had for work and then upgraded to a laptop).

It ran SO FREAKING SLOW and didn't have Internet (I was maybe 6, no need to pay AOL anymore than we already did).

I had a floppy disk that said" Quicken" on it... Brilliant little 6 year old me thought that JUST BY INSERTING the floppy, I could speed my computer up. Not by installing THE FINANCIAL SOFTWARE, just by putting the floppy in the drive...

I've come a little ways since then...

Note: I accidentally installed it and thought I was going to break my computer because I couldn't uninstall it (pulling the floppy out obviously didn't uninstall it)... All my experience prior to this was watching my teacher use Mac at school

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    That should be it. That's your goal in life. Write a computer performance improvement program that can fit on a floppy.
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    @AlgoRythm rm -rf /

    I'll take my riches in cash
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    Well hey, I'm not the brightest either. I tend to spend a lot more time trying to learn something new compared to others (believe me, I know).
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    I just wanted to create games
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