Freelance Headhunters...

No idea where they got my name and the number of my work phone...

- they do not give a damn and call me 1045 am to discuss "EXCITING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES™"

- they are sure I am having a case of stockholm syndrome, because I could NEVER be satisfied in my current employment

- they call every other day with a new number and start the same process again

How fucking dense can people get?

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    Most phones allow you to block unknown and non contacts numbers, if that doesn't work with you, then you can use some app like "Should I Answer?" which automatically blocks numbers iirc that got marked by other people or any of the databases.
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    Try pressing buttons repeatedly like 7 or 0 during the call to try to get in their systems 'do not call list'. It's helped me before.
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    @JohnScott could you explain why that would work?
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    @JoshBent Automated calling machines wait for you to answer the phone with "Hello" or similar. They often have a failsafe that ends the call or removes you from the list when you hit 0 or 7. You can test this if you get a call from a number you do not recognize, instead of answering just saying nothing. Often this results in the machine hanging up. If the caller is a person, you can usually just waste their time until it's no longer in their best interest to continue the call.
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    @JohnScott I wonder why they have that function, wouldnt it be in their best interest based on that someone _did_ press something - assume its a human and pester him more with then human called lists?
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    @JoshBent You're forgetting. What if you had to debug that system? Wouldn't it be convenient not to have to deal with offers from the company you are working for?
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    @JohnScott just blacklist your number, why offer everybody a free bailout? 😉

    edit: for actual debugging you -want- to receive the call, so youll target a specific number, most usually a voip one anyway.
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    @JoshBent Fuck it. I've got no idea; it's more of a guess really. But I've had it work in real life.
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    @JohnScott you really got me interested now in why it works, never tried it myself, but I use a combination of both suggested above myself, so I am basically blacklisted on almost all lists by now.

    How did you come up with trying that? did you read it somewhere?
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    @JoshBent I complained about it and a guy I knew grabbed my phone pressed some keys and the call ended. He told me about it afterwards.

    Also I remembered watching this video on YouTube with gave me some insight:

    Take a look it's pretty interesting
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    @JohnScott will do, thanks
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