Is passion overrated?

I've met devs who started out passionately but after a long while they say that they couldn't even stand the sight of their IDEs but then they had gotten into a consistency or a routine which is what drives them and that the passion that they started off with burned off along the way.

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    Well I have been programming and developing since 1981 and I am still passionate about it most of the time, except when bug hunting at 2 am in the morning ;)
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    Passion is not overrated. It just expired same as everything in universe. What we have to do is to take care of our passion. Keep it healthy and strong.
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    Passion keeps you going.
    Burning out is inevitable.
    Resparking your passion after burnout is complicated, but can be as simple as looking up at a bird fly by...💡

    Otherwise your in it for the money, and we know what happens to those code bases at $$ per line.
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    Are you not passionate at your job? If not I would urge you to find something that does fuel your passion.
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    The passion comes from spontaneity and creativity. Unfortunately, not all jobs allow that.

    I still feel passionate when I can work on personal projects. However, when I have to work on bad projects following bad practices, I often feel tired and bored.
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