Ugh why are people so tight!

I'm trying to sell a $1000 laptop for $600 and people are either not bothering to look at it or complain $600 is too much for a laptop -,-

Added that I'm willing to trade for a Mac of any sort so let's hope that adds something but fucking hell!

Gotta love not buying shit tech and trying to sell it -,-

Btw the laptop has been used for less than 2 hours -,-

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    @CriticalFailure dell Inspiron 13 5000 with upgraded RAM and SSD.

    And I purchased it about 6 months ago, a bit out of the return :-P
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    One of the reason I’m locked into Apple ecosystem — resale value. I even had once sold a year bashed MBP higher than I paid for (HE discount)...
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    @cyanly tbh I'd rather not get a Mac but the game engine I use runs like a legless horse in a VM with 128MB of VRAM so a Mac would be helpful compared to my next to mint condition windows laptop
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