Does anybody has an idea what to "code" when you have too much free time? I am done with school and waiting for my university acceptance. No Websites.

Project ideas?

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    Depends on ur uni field , what did u study?
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    @faramarz technical it. But I am searching more for something to practice c or cpp
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    Maybe @scrapes a website? :P

    Here's a few ideas:
    Make an emulator, it helps you learn about computers on a lower level, try the CHIP8.

    Make your own programming language. Try making a Lisp-like interpreter. Or something more BASIC? If you want to go simple, try making a BrainFuck interpreter.

    Other ideas would be to try and make a raycaster, or a raytracer. Or maybe a 3d engine?

    What about Pong, or Tetris? You could make and design your own Fantasy Console?

    Give Minecraft modding a whirl? Try making a Discord bot(or some other platform botting)? Mess around with speech APIs(there's one from Google), find unique and obscure programming languages!

    Try making your own HTML and CSS renderer, or make your own game?

    Fire up a game engine and give it a shot, Unity or Unreal are popular?

    There is so much out there, you just have to find it.

    Explore :]
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    @coolq that's exactly the start point I needed <3
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    Good luck 👍
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    Well , cpp is a cool programming language, there is lots of site that can help u with that and of course if this is ur first time, its the best choice. but if u want something different, try linux OS 😊, tastes good
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    @faramarz already on Linux VM! Thought about doing swift but don't like the language that much!
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    @scrapes I’m building a simple game and trying my hand a cpp , just try something totally out of your comfort zone and do something with it 😎
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    What about some prototyping with Arduino & RPi? If you have some cash to spare why not.
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    A few weeks ago I took a recently open-sourced project with horrible documentation, build process and lots of other smells, and decided I would turn it into something more professional.

    So far it has been a great learning experience of how Makefile works, and how to make it work on multiple platforms.

    The project was a cryptocurrency. Most of the lesser known ones have horrible (but working) codebases that have plenty of learning opportunity.
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    fool around with Unity, try to make som AR with Vuforia, easy and fun
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    Try a chess engine! Was a really fun challange :) and you can more or less always improve it
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    Im a full time unity Dev and I enjoy working on swift ios stuff whenever I have free time. Back in the college I had fun working with shaders and it really pays off right now. You can also try to work with some externall libraries, dll, implementing them on your language so you have practice with them. Check handmade hero series on youtube if you have interest in c,cpp and game engines.
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    Well, I think this might be a great opportunity to get your feet wet with some functional programming.

    The earlier you get exposed to those ideas, the better!
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