WhatsApp, freaking WhatsApp.
How did this thing become such a standard. How? Why does everyone EXPECT you to have it. They assume that you have it installed on your phone.

'Why don't you respond to my messages? '

'Which messages? '

'The ones I sent you'

'I didn't get any messages. Wait, how did you send them to me? '


'Ah, yeah I don't use that. Wait, where did you even get my phone number from? '

'What? You don't have WhatsApp? Freaking weirdo. '


How did an app(lication) become such a standard and why does everyone automatically assume that you have it? And whenever I explain them why I don't use it (Facebook = bad), they just react with 'install it again' (most ridiculous answer) or 'what is wrong with you' or they just give me a confused look and walk away.

A lot of them also act like there were no alternatives (some even better than whatsapp). One of them and probably also the best one is signal. It has all the necessary features a messaging app needs and is also very secure.

Luckily a few of my friends have installed signal and I am currently trying my best at my parents. They have threatened to 'take my phone away if I don't install WhatsApp again' or 'if you don't use WhatsApp then you also don't need a phone'.

Okay finale:

Fuck whatsapp, fuck facebook, fuck ignorance

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    It really hasn't penetrated in the US like in pretty much every other country. I wonder why that is. I use telegram and love it.
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    Haha Mann I feel you. I've been told I'm antisocial because I don't have Facebook, Instagram and deleted my WhatsApp. You can catch me on Google+ though 😁
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    @J-2FA in Lebanon I can see that being a tough choice
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    @suprano When you manage to fend off the small cats but the Lion(google) rips you heart out of your chest(your data).
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    Literally I don't know anyone who uses whatsapp
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    Contracts were very much a thing until recently, but they're done in the US now, for the most part. The four major carriers are way too expensive, but do offer unlimited minutes and texts with even their least expensive plans. That said, I pay around $30 a month for a usage-based plan without a contract, and in the US, this is uncommonly inexpensive. Most people in the US spring for plans well in excess of $80 per month, offered by the four major carriers. Old habits die hard.

    One thing that really took off in the US more than in most other countries is the iPhone, and iMessage. I think that accounts for the difference much more. Contracts are actually a really bad deal.
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    And what about those times when you got to organize something along with other people and they all mention making a Whats App group, instead of any other messenger with more appropriate tools and features for our intentions, but they're too dumb, ignorant or apathetic to even try to use it, let alone listen to your suggestion in the first place?

    Been on this so many times :)
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    I feel a bit of the pain, just I like to use Wire. Wire is how everyone should do internet communications. Simple, powerful, secure.
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    Here in Maldives we use telegram in tech circles and Viber in non tech ones.. Whatsapp is rare..
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    @J-2FA that would be cool. Last time I visited, I met up with a recognised contributer at the XDA forums which was nice. I usually visit during the summer, but the dates aren't clear yet :)
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    everything is bettee than WhatsApp. I would use them but my friends refuse to change. Because of that I use WA. And because of that I hate my friends.
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    The thing is: There is no ‚real‘ alternative to whatsapp...

    The goal of whatsapp is to communicate with your friends.

    There is no other app that allows that. Because your friends don‘t use them. Which makes them useless...

    ...Leaving whatsapp as the only choice.
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    I said I use telegram, but that's not 100% accurate. I use telegram with my wife and a handful of other people, but mostly I use Hangouts for personal messaging. Slack for work, and SMS very occasionally. Maybe 50 messages a month.
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    I know your pain. Going against the flow will be awkward.

    I try to avoid adding new messengers on my phone the best I can. Yet WhatsApp got critical mass. No matter how it became de facto standard. Reality is: it is.

    I stopped being dogmatic about messenger tools once I realized I only had one friend I could send gpg encrypted mails. And two friends I could chat through OTR encrypted jabber channels. (I even had my own jabber server. I don't even have a client anymore.)

    So if you can live with not being able to communicate with certain people, don't install WhatsApp.

    If you don't install it, then don't wonder if certain people won't be able and willing to communicate with you.
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    @bahua I use telegram as well yet it has the problem that you have to activate encrypted chats manually.

    WhatsApp is currently not as bad as it used to be with its default end to end encryption.
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    Everyone uses FB Messenger where I live (there are a few people that use both Messenger and Viber but that's it)... And then my grandma starts yelling at me for not responding to her messages on WhatsApp............. (She switched to it because everyone stopped using Skype)
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    I managed to move at least my family and close friends to Telegram. They don't want to go back to WhatsApp now ;-)
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    I sense a lot of tinfoil in this post
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    @data I like tinfoil
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    @powerfulparadox It still syncs the keys (encrypted though) and stores metadata, hence why I'd never use it but yeah it works great!
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    @irene Must be a local thing? I've got a Samsung device for work as well as some friends (not the same models) and its not pre-installed on those. Friend of mine had Facebook pre-installed on the S8 though while I didn't have that on my S8...
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    @data And what would be tinfoil about this?
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    @irene Could be yeah
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    @irene maybe in your country.
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