I recently got a job interview and i am finally working as a junior consultant!
The most exciting thing is the fact that I am still studying Informatic Engineering .

I have still a long road to walk since I am still on the second year of a three years course. But finally I feel that my knowledge is being appreciated and I can use that in order to help a company.

If any experts in this area could give me advice, I am going forward to read them. I am new to devRant too !

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    Welcome bro. Hope you enjoy yoir stay, both on devRant, as at ur company :)
    Oh and btw, where are you studying?
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    @whatevel Hey! Thanks for the warm comment bro! I am studying at Lisbon. :P
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    @ChuvaS nice. I'm currently studying the same but @UMinho :)
    Nice to see some fellow Portuguese in here. There's a couple of us in here :)
    Planning to move with fiancée to Lisbon next year, I have some work possibilities there and she has almost none here in the North, being a Biological Engineer.
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    @whatevel its to good to see other "Tugas" in here :P
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