Throughout the day I check Google analytics, I do it so much that I have a habit of typing "anal" and hitting enter into chrome and it auto completes,
I accidentally typed it not realising I still had focus on my company Slack chat window. The delete message feature is disabled 😰.

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    Just follow it up with "wait.. this isn't Google"

    If you're going to make a mistake, make out like it was intentional.
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    prove them wrong by sending non-anal stuffs now
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    That´s a human error with a good explanation, so maybe your coworkers aren't going to be so anal about it.

    I see myself out...
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    Wow. That's the start of a rough day. 😑
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    I relate so much to this post that it hurts
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    @fattymiller like googling that would help out.. 😂😂😂😇
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    How about edit?
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    Now send them links to pornhub anal videos and say you were hacked
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