So one of my co-workers had issues with his MKP 2010, it wasn't booting up, wasn't charging, basically acting as a brick. He went everywhere around the office asking other to revive it. I was the last person - my duty was to take out the hard drive and trash it.
I asked him if I can keep it, he allowed me to do so.
After a couple of days I got back to it, installed a hard drive, which I had from my friend from a while ago.
- Played around with charger, got it charging
- Boot it up to recovery mode (I was very excited when I saw that globe spinning)
- The Wi-Fi didn't connect, used LAN
- Formatted drive, installed OS
- Got to endless loop of recovery mode
- Found out that the digits on the keyboard type lower line of letters.. :/
- Boot to safe mode - worked
- Endlessly booted to recovery mode as I tried to get to boot menu
- Realized that the left Shift, Control, and Option does not work
- Used external keyboard and got to boot menu
- Still no success with booting to regular mode
- NVRAM reset!!!!
- Booya! It works!

Should I bother and replace the keyboard? I mean it doesn't matter that much, probably will give it to my mother :)

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    The moment I read “lower letters”, brain said “zap PRAM”. Which maybe shows my age since I guess it should be NVRAM like you said 🤔
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