There is this guy at work we call 'the human linter'

Despite his mad clean codes skills: light theme

Dafuq dude :(

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    His soul is so dark he cannot recognize the absence of light!
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    Yep, definetly me
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    You mean: because of light theme - > skillz.
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    I get it themes don't rule over skills, but I feel bad for him already as he is the most blind dude in the room
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    Ok, I finally have to ask this question: why is it that dark themers feel the need to proselytise endlessly about their personal preference, while light themers just get on with their lives? Kind of seems a bit like fanboyism doesn't it?
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    @irene eyes definitely hurt after a few hours on light theme
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    @teadrinker I guess that people who don't care leave it light as that is the default. Since they don't care they don't brag about it. For them (Hello!) it's a non-topic.
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    @irene yup I agree with this, I actually remember asking my optomertrist about this. She said it's totally fine dark or light themes are just a personal preference.

    I also used netbeans/eclipse light for themes a while before actually swapping to dark theme, never really bothered me too much. Also Xcode doesn't have a proper dark theme, so i stuck with the white theme, only reason i hate Xcode is because of it's constant crashes and stuff.
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    @f03n1x well, I can't argue against 'an ophthalmologist said it'
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    @irene Yes, I adjust my brightness as well as needed throughout the day/location and use f.lux in the evening.
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    There is some science behind this, you actually read light text on a dark background slower than dark text on a light background.
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    @irene first of all you need to work on your idea of what a meme is because this ain't one of them and secondly there is a thing called colour science.

    You will be glad to know it is largely based on contrast so well designed colour themes aren't affected.
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    @irene I agree with you, it is personal preference. I use sometimes light and once bored then dark theme.
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