Girl: "hey"

My Brain:
at net.brain.functions.Talk.retrieveSpeech(Talk.java:2978)
at net.brain.functions.Talk.createFlirtyResponse(Talk.java:3132)

Me: null

*Girl walks away*

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    Yeah, Java is often a bit slow 😔
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    Somebody forgot to unit-test some business-critical code...
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    But it worked when I tested in isolation.
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    hopefully the next girl will ‘catch’ that exception

    good luck mate
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    you never return null, use a default value for such things
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    in createFlirtyResponse add this:

    try {
    /* code */
    } catch {
    /* code */
    } finally {
    if (resp == null){
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    You need to use the AddAlcohol method before talking
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    @sandeepb jajaja addAlcohol() and tryAgain()
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    Where is that error 404 flirt line not found comment 😂
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    Instant flirt? I'd walk away, too!
    Even moreso when the ill-thought-out code is faulty.
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    U should use try catch and in catch statement u shloud forget about it
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    Maybe just try responding "hi" and hear what she wanted by making contact?
    Maybe you had dropped or spilled something, maybe you met her before and forgot it in the middle of all your wedding plans with her, or maybe she was polite and expected other humans to be able to do the same..?
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    Yea thats a known issue caused by the friendzoned library.
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    Let's learn to handle theses exceptions, a psychologist can help you to write catch clauses 😂
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    Rewrite your brain in Rust?
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    "you.. you too.."
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    Friends: logger.log(e);
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    It's really just because Java is not a good language.
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    @Root makes sense. The bug is in the method that decided to call createFlirtyResponse with null knowledge about the girl. No wonder it threw an NPE.
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    @redundandundant or probably in the (lack of) logic for checking the context and existing relations to the subject before trying to instantiate the subject as an object and communicate with (= to) the instance?
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    @matsaki95 ow yeah well he *should* have had tetanus shots regularly....
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    Option monad would have helped you a lot there buddy. 😂
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