I tried this on tinder. She was confused and proceeded to un-match me. A !false statement would be to say that I’ve failed at life. 😉

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    You failed at life because you didn't meme yourself a wife? Has mainstream media got you so mesmerized to think all women are "thirsty bitches"? You can get anything you want with fame and riches? Or is this a shitty cross post from reddit?
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    @gorsamp Probably the latter option.
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    @jhh2450 But the post ends with winky face, that's serious
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    I don't get people who try to meet people on tinder. It is a shit hole.
    I've gotten lucky and met a nice girl on there, but it was pure luck. Like one out of ten thousand luck. You shouldn't see it as a place to find love. There is a chance, but it is really slim...
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    Give you a lot of headaches?
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