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    Or shifts volume down 🤪🤣🤣
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    This post is so unfunny... It feels like I'm on 9fag but for nerdfags
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    @FlatterFotze69 If you were focusing for a period of time and then you opened devrant and saw something like this then it's more likely to be funny (I think).

    Its not that funny if you're already browsing and not really coming from somewhere where you're debugging or whatever..

    Very stupid things can make me laugh sometimes.
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    @iOSDev wait what?
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    @Flatterfotze69 435 people disagree
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    It is just half as funny if you know that some automatic transmission cars switch to launch control, they just rev the engine, select first gear and wait for you to release the brake.
    But I still like the screenshot suggestion. Made me laugh my ass of :-)
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