Why so many recent questions about which code editor to use?

P.S. Nice to see vscode getting some recognition.

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    General consensus I guess, seeing as we don’t have @polls.

    Plus it’s nice to know what other tools people are using, maybe they are using something I’ve never herd of that solves problems my current ones don’t.
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    I use sublime text 3 and visual studio
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    I use vscode and am in love with this masterpiece
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    intelli J
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    VS Studio is a heavy mofo and I love it; it handles everything from a complex c++ project to a web project VERY well
    VSCode is cool for smaller projects or less used languages like Rust Lang
    But sometimes you need simplicity : the best python ide I ever used is still the idle
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    I use atom. Sleek design, a lot of modules and linters, open-source, made by Github <3
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    @MagicSowap I agree. I love the basic yet ide inspired design.

    I also do what you mentioned, often using idle, vim or sublime for lighter projects (depending on what computer I’m on)
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    @Tudor atom was my first love. Still love it. But they have some issues to resolve. Not a huge deal however.
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