So I was lurking around stack overflow and this comes up.
It's very interesting and stuff but seems a bit unfair. They're literally the same position

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    Salaries in the US are normally higher for tech jobs. This is not uncommon.
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    I mean I knew that, but is still more than double the salary for the same position.
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    It's like real estate...

    location location location location location location
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    A while back I met this company at a Hackathon, I've still very little idea what they specialize in but we were discussion potential opportunities purely because I appreciated their brand.
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    Yeah paid relocation would be a lot of money and loving in Stockport is going to be far cheaper than New York city, so you might get a little more in New York overall but a lot of it is quickly lost.
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    @Torbuntu well New York is a major city and Stockport is a town in the North of England. I'd imagine cost of living being more than twice as high in New York.
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    @Torbuntu I think Stockport is a bit run down as well so it's probably one of the cheapest places in the UK. I think out of the two it would have to be NY even as someone from the UK!
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    @Torbuntu I live in NY btw
    5/7 - Would recommend
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