Words of wisdom (WOW) !!

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    Would be cool if someone actually tried to make a webapp/service without actually typing anything, only copy and pasting.
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    @stevenliemberg npm incomming, package all the way to a successfull aplication
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    Jessica su as always
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    @1989 9.8k
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    @stevenliemberg It already exists! Check it out: https://github.com/drathier/...
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    Why do the no-mouse challenge when the no-keyboard challenge is that much more badass? :p
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    @stevenliemberg of you are allowed to download a framework (e.g. copy from github and friends) I think it is possible.
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    Most of PhD candidates can't program
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    They fail to realize that a browser is just a tool for the developers like a calculator is to the mathematicians.
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    @commanderkeen I once made a simple 3D shooter by only copying (and changing a few variables names here and there to let two functions work together)
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