My senior dev, shortens “analytics” into “anal” variables. Iam literally dying while Reading through the code!

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    I use anal as global variable
    Because FirebaseAnalytics.getInstance() is toooo long
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    @blackfisk are you 13?
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    Who doesn't? 😄
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    You know he did this on purpose.

    It seems a lot of developers have this kind of irreverent, blue collar humor in their code.
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    This rant had 69 ++s. I was a little confused about ++ing it.
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    We had a concept of "assignment" in one of our projects and we all started shortening it to "ass" for variable names.

    In our database library, where we insert assignments into the database, we used "insert_ass" variable names. Didn't follow our coding guidelines though but it made the project fun to maintain.
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    I studied mathematics at uni. Here are some course abbreviations we had (read them out loud - but not too loud!):

    REAL-ANAL = real analysis
    REAB-ANAL = real & abstract analysis
    COM-ANAL = complex analysis
    NUM-ANAL = numerical analysis
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    @Autism420 A professor of mine in the university once wrote a recursive function that adds one number to the other without using the "+" operator.
    Originally he called it recSum(), which makes sense.
    Later students copied it with typos like recum();
    The best was (not sure of intended) recTum();
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    I also 'like' the common abbreviation fab for floating action buttons...
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    Don't forget to use AnalHandler and implement getAnal()
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    Same thing here. A lot of people abbreviate "current" to "cur", which means "ass" in my language.
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    @Autism420 in TI calculators the function is actually called cumsum
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    I shorten permission to perm, exception to ex.
    Really nice when you work with php $perm and $ex
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