Is there a search engine indexing pages that work without JavaScript?
- I use the Lynx text-mode browser
Why else? Maybe I'm naïve:
- At least without JavaScript the advert/tracking methods will not slow load times or break the page.
- This may be a nice way to highlight websites that don't have time to join an SEO/analytics arms race.

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    Why? Because no-one cares, there is no business in it. JavaScript is a part of today's web just like html and CSS is. Pages just don't work without it and frankly it's quite silly to assume they would if you ask me.
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    @Froot Yes, JavaScript is probably more central than CSS since it often delivers most of the content.

    But I think there are at least a few dozen people who would prefer to browse the Internet without either, focusing on content and links.
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    @Froot plus in terms of accessibility to the visually impaired, there is a lot to worry about already just writing HTML correctly for screen readers.

    I bet if I find a list of the most accessible websites, they will all work fine without JS or CSS.
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    @Froot But I cannot deny everything in your comment is also true, using a common approximation for "no-one".
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    I don't want to pretend I'm morally superior with the accessibility comment. I do data visualization and computer graphics— both fields are profit-driven and typically inaccessible to the blind.
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    I am not sure if it suffices, but have you tried https://wiby.me ?
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    @spky this is exactly what I was looking for! This is exactly the original idea that I had. Amazing. Thank you!
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    @thejohnhoffer de nada..

    I totally love the ‚surprise me...‘ feature 🙃
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