How do you prove yourself?

I'm an iOS developer and I've been developing apps for a year or two now and I don't see anything hard in it I just think it's knowing how to wire things up and avoid common bugs I've also worked on a couple of complex apps and the idea is just the same.

I want to know if I really want to prove myself well (to myself) how can I do that and how can I challenge myself more to improve.

Ps: I'm by no way an expert and I know I've got a big road ahead of me but I just want advise to improve more in the right direction

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    I'm an iOS developer and I'm in the same exact dilemma as well :/

    I have been contemplating on learning some other programming languages and quit my job, but I don't know :(
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    ... just ... I donno... try going to meetups and conferences on different topics that have something to do with development. Maybe you'll see something you like and try it first as a hobby.

    One thing that gives everybody a hard-on is probably the field of deep packet inspection using neural networks, to provide information about the information being transacted inside encrypted traffic.

    Another is distributed computing and data handling, for scalable data processing with no limits but your wallet.

    The rest might be appealing in the result they provide, but are usually so tedious and non-rewarding at first, that it's easy to quit without getting to the end.
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    @avitron I actually did the same thing a while back with my job heading towards game development but then I going myself coming back for more after all the rumors about game development
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    @AndSoWeCode you could see one of my latest rants and find me saying how hard it is to give those conventions and meetups.

    And I want to learn machine learning and AI as I'm interested but can't find the motivation and can't form a good study group of people actually interested not those 'oh I'm good at everything and I can hack it easily'
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    @ahmednader you don't need thousand-people conferences. Those are usually lame sales pitches.
    Some of the best ones are ~40 attendees, and most people never heard of them even. Good things come in small packages. Really.

    How to get there... Ehmmm... might be problematic if you're in some 3rd world country. I know because I come from a second world country and there's no difference really.
    But you're a dev. Apply to a job in a country you like. Apply to more than one job. If you're good at what you currently do, and are able to show it - you'll get something. And then the road is open.
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