A burden has been lifted off of me. The burden of social media. I hate it with every ounce of my soul(except twitter and devRant). The amount of time wasted it is unreal. Deleted my instagram last night and my snapchat this morning. It feels so good!!!!! Sure my classmates think I'm crazy but it is worth it. No negativity more time to focus, work and game. I think it is a huge win.

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    @IllSlapU Thanks!!
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    Thank God I never got into Snapchat, Instagram and all that shit. The biggest sin I still have on me is Facebook and I mainly use it for it's messenger since the platform is just a wall of random shit and ads 😄

    Anyway, gratz!
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    "hey guys, I deleted my <social network>! #freeing #OMG"

    ...Posted to a social network
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    @LoyalRayne devRant is not just a social network. Besides it is not distracting for me and it doesn't have blubbering morons as its fanbase. Also it is magical.
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    OMG. Now I complain about someone doing something that may actually be very good for them but I don't like!

    (Had to say it)
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    I have Facebook and Instagram, but I never use it. I don't want to know how my "friends" have fun with their friends, while I'm alone. It makes me feel even more lonely. I'll probably remove my account at some point.
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