By looking at our source code, I see what makes a bad programmer. I see "invalid data" in error logs, guess which of the following 3 conditions caused this:

function somefunc() {
if(condition_1) {
throw "invalid data"

if(condition_2) {
throw "invalid data"

if(condition_3) {
throw "invalid data"

return some_response;

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    Yup, this has caused me a ton of headaches

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    Its better than

    try {
    Do stuff that throws an error ...
    } catch (Exception) {

    Yes thats an empty catch that just silently throws away the error message.

    Have changed over a hundred of such black holes into code that at least logs the error.

    Thankfully the perpetrator is now gone from the company.
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    @Voxera How did you get rid of the perpetrator (asking for a friend 🤓)
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    @spky He quit, not my doing.
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