A friend of mine: Look at this nice app I made 😎
*shows me a normal looking app with tabs and different views"
Me: Hmmm… looks good.
Friend: Do you know how I made the navigation between views? 😏
Me: I'm afraid to ask…
Friend: Since I didn't know how to use the piece of code I found on internet, I made multiple views one above another with visibility set to false, and during the navigation I just change the visibility. 😁
Me: WTF? Man… this isn't something you should be proud of… it shouldn't be done.
Friend: Do you also want to know how I backup the code?
Me: No…
Friend: I send it to myself via email.
Friend: I also never use while loops, I prefer to use for instead with a break inside. 😊

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    Shit, man
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    Was this in your worst nightmare?
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    At least he has the creative spirit to create things from ground up. That’s actually pretty good the way he made those tabs.
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    been there, done that. we all start out somewhere.
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    Why not use a while with a break inside, though? That could potentially be more messy.
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    @MrCSharp unfortunately not, it happens in real life
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    @growling well… having multiple copies of the same components (navigation menu, title, menus, etc.) isn't a good way. 😂
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    I remember when I just started my adventure with coding and using WinForms... So to make multiple tabs, I just copied first form and made buttons to open it in all the rest of them 😅

    Then I wanted to add dark theme...
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    Yeah, we all start out somewhere. He'll improve once user feedback comes in... 😉
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    @JS96 on my website, I'm doing exactly that - the menu is in every HTML page. However, the source is only there one time, and if I change that, I just call the build script which will rebuild all the pages.
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    that's a legit way to make multiple tabs
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    @fast-nop, why not react for that?
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    If it works, it ain't stupid.

    Atleast he is trying. And we all start somewhere.
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    @djlazz3 because it's a Javascript framework.
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    @Fast-Nop ahh, my bad, I saw html, and assumed that there was some js involved in there, also, I don't mean to be 'that' guy, but react is a js library...
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    @djlazz3 I want the base functionality (especially navigation) to work without any JS, for two main reasons:

    1) Assistive technology like screenreaders cope better with HTML, especially when using the appropriate HTML5 landmarks and occasional ARIA markup. Also, remember that the biggest impaired user is the Google searchbot.

    2) For a tech related website, I expect a considerable number of people to use NoScript. Graceful degradation is a good idea for that target audience.
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    @Fast-Nop ahh, makes sense
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    I had this job interview test where I had to make this simple Reddit clone (no comment or vote functionality) in React Native that opened a WebView when a user clicks on a post.

    I did it just like that, with a simple Boolean to show or hide the WebView, as I didn't really feel routing for every single post clicked. I didn't get the job, now I know why 😅😂
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