While changing a pathetically written code, a thought came to my mind that like doctors we should also have a licence system for software engineers... And all the engineers who wrote such shitty code should be banned from the profession for life.,👾

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    How would shitty code be defined? By logic or by indentation?

    Maybe the person who hired the shitty code writer is held accountable?

    I the case there isn't a person to hold accountable, jack up the price;)
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    Poor code, maybe written in a night to get a deadline, by an underpaid developer that was pressed by his PM, that asked for changes at the very last microsecond...

    All of our licence would be always in danger 😂
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    One word: No
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    @mngr The same would hold for medical professionals if they would introduce it just now. Imagine developers saying “I'm not going to do that. It's unethical and I would probably lose my licence.” being standard practise in such cases.

    But then again, unsustainable work is done in basically all industries. Requiring a licence for everyone would be like a system of guilds.
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    Until we have to pay for the license. Or when we get our licence revoked for a crappy reason. My fiance was trying to work at a salon. 500 bucks to take the exam to get her license. The whole reason behind that for medical and legal and stuff is because the laws change from place to place, not because it weeds it shitty doctors and lawyers. I'm happy not paying 500 bucks every time I change jobs or move.
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